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“The billboard with a young woman guzzling liquid with a radioactive warning on it under the phrase: “Don’t Frack My Water, Protect Columbus” set the stage for one of the most important public forums in the city’s history.”


Posted by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman on October 20th, 2012

The Romney Family, Hart InterCivic, a major American voting machine company and Karl Rove’s Wireless Election Management Empire…
Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis of the Free Press ( will present shocking new information on the Bain Capital part ownership of one of America’s chief voting machine companies, Hart InterCivic that counts many votes around the US.

Protect the Vote! Election Protection & Video the Vote volunteers needed

Posted by Webmaster/Moderator on October 7th, 2012

Election Protection Observers
The Free Press ( in conjunction with the Green Party will be placing observers for the 2012 election. We need volunteers. All observers must be eligible voters in Ohio.
If you are new to this, you may not know that we can appoint one observer at the county level. County level observers can observe in a different county from their county of residence.

Come to the Free Press Second Saturday Salon and movie earlier in the day

Posted by Webmaster/Moderator on June 4th, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012, 11:30AM
Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?
A new, groundbreaking feature documentary about the roots of the American economic crisis, and the continuing assault on working and middle class people in the United States. “HEIST” unflinchingly reveals the crumbling structure of the U.S. economy

Fight Back on March

Posted by Webmaster/Moderator on March 25th, 2012

Back March 25, 2012
Submitted by fightback on Sun, 03/25/2012 – 8:13pm
Bob Fitrakis talks about rift within the Tea Party
30:00 minutes (27.46 MB)
Fight Back March 1, 2012
Submitted by fightback on Fri, 03/09/2012 – 7:31pm
Bob Fitrakis, Connie Gadell Newton and Connie Harris on the Occupy the Statehouse regional action #1
30:00 minutes (27.47 MB)

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