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Mind Control And Understanding Shutter Island

Posted by Bob Fitrakis on February 22nd, 2010

Bob Fitrakis February 21, 2010 To understand Martin Scorsese’s well-crafted psychological thriller Shutter Island, viewers should do an internet search on the following three terms: MK-Ultra, Manchurian candidates, and Operation Paperclip. For the extended value-added search, throw in the combination of “CIA” and “LSD.” Shutter Island is being released at a very propitious time. Just […]

They discuss the problems with nuclear power and the role activism plays with this and other issues.

Letter From Leonard Peltier, Feb. 6, 2010

Posted by webmaster on February 9th, 2010

Together our tears come together and form a giant river of suffering and I hope, cleansing. Injustice is never final, I keep telling myself. I pray this is true for all of us.

Bob Bytes Back Archives: 10/23/1996 Deja V

Posted by Bob Fitrakis on February 5th, 2010

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Not the V Group, the Voinovich group of companies that specializes in building jails. You see, the Guv’s younger brother Pauly is at it again. His Cleveland-based architectural construction company may be connected to a man under indictment and investigation for alleged “influence peddling.”

Bob Bytes Back Archive: 10/16/1996 Smoking Guns

Posted by Bob Fitrakis on February 2nd, 2010

10/16/1996 by Bob Fitrakis As former Sheriff Earl Smith sees it, “That guy in the other paper missed the whole point….I wasn’t obsessed with pornography, we had a health problem, an AIDS epidemic. And when we tried to close the bookstores we ran right into organized crime.” Referring to a recent front-page article in a […]

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